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What If Senate President Bukola Saraki Is Convicted?

Discussion in 'Straight Talks & Quotes' started by Admin, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    What is happening in Nigeria is strange but real. Senator Bukola Saraki's trial resumed today at the CCT and the number of senators who accompanied him today shrunk from 30 to 18. Does this imply that this man is really going down? Is this political witch hunt or does Saraki deserve to be jailed.

    This trial is already sending powerful signals to powerful politicians in Nigeria. Please share your views on this. Thanks!

    Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/03/what-if-saraki-is-convicted/
  2. Coolman16

    Coolman16 Well-known Member

    I will like to see a conviction so Nigerian public servants will learn to stay away from what doesn't belong to them. There's too much looting and unenforceable laws in this country.
  3. Lukat Naija

    Lukat Naija Member

    He will go to Jail if convicted and nothing will happen. I saw a list of all his cars and wept for my country. He even claim that he is richer than Kwara state
  4. Jide

    Jide Well-known Member

    The earlier Saraki find himself in jail the better Nigerians and our country. We don't need people like him in politics. I doubt if they will convict him but we go see!