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We Made A Quick Change Of Name

Discussion in 'Faith & Religion' started by Admin, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator


    We thought that the name My Naija Life for our forum sounded better until we ran into Naija Square! The name Naija Square sound much better and we are sticking with that. I am glad that we were able to make the changes with the help of a great coder.

    Welcome to Naija Square Forum!

    Our Url: www.naijasquare.com
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  2. Jide

    Jide Well-known Member

    Thanks for the update. I notice that you are making a couple changes on your forum. Keep up the good work. After all, Rome was not built in a day!:)

    I think Naija Square is much better than My Naija Life but both names are ok.
  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Thank you Jide. I am working to make the forum look a little better.
    Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  4. Jide

    Jide Well-known Member

    Wao. This is impressive. I see new addition every time I come back. I like the way it is. Good effort. Congratulations.
  5. Abokiman

    Abokiman Well-known Member

    Naija Square is better and cooler. Nice grab and congratulations for the design and efforts you are putting on this.;)