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Vehicle Tracking - Secure Your Vehicle Against Theft, Arm-robbery With GPS Track

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    Car/Vehicle Tracking Systems enable you to secure and monitor your car, fleet, and vital assets by providing real-time location and performance information of the vehicle as well as enable you remotely control the vehicle. With a GPS Car Tracking device equipped with GSM/GPRS communication installed in your vehicle or vital asset, a car tracking system will enable you secure and monitor your car on your computer or mobile phone. Stremcom Ltd is a leading provider of Car Tracking systems in Nigeria offering tracking devices and support nationwide.

    A Tracking Device is good security investment
    A car tracking system consists of a GPS tracking device, which pin points the location of your car within a few metres. The tracking device relays this information using SMS or GPRS, providing you with timely information about your vehicle. The GPS Tracking device comes with ports that enable you monitor the state and performance of your vehicle such as speed level, fuel, battery level, and temperature. A Car tracking system may even support a camera and provide you with the ability to listen in on conversations in your car.

    A Car tracker also provides you control of your vehicle. For example, they come with an engine cut feature that enables you stop your car remotely. They also provide a Geo-fence feature which enables you restrict the movement of your vehicle within selected region.

    For example, with a Geo Fence you can restrict the movement of your car within Lagos. Once your vehicle leaves Lagos or any region you select you will receive an SMS alert, you may then decide to call you driver or execute an engine cut. Car tracking systems also offer an SOS alert button, which you can use in emergencies.

    Car tracking systems is a great security investment for your personal car. It is also a good security investment for cab services, car rental services, and transport companies. Businesses will also find car tracking systems great for fleet management.

    Reliable Car Tracking from Strecom Ltd
    Stremcom Ltd is a car tracking, security and biometrics solutions provider with clientele ranging from corporate organizations to individuals. The company offers comprehensive Fleet Management Solution and the required technical support with a well-trained technical team offering installations and maintenance nationwide.

    Stremcom Ltd offers products from vehicle tracking, biometrics systems, GSM security systems and CCTV devices and other security solutions with a cutting edge products support that guarantee quick response, helping clients respond to security threats before they become obvious.

    Stremcom Ltd offers reliable car tracking services with two GPS tracker devices. The basic GPS tracking device called STrack Basic offers tracking via SMS or GPRS, battery and speeding alert, engine cut, SOS panic button, fuel and temperature sensor, and lots of other features.

    The second car tracking device is the STrack Plus, which as the name implies offers all features of STrack Basic, but adds more advanced features. It supports a camera and features more ports for more sensors. These two tracking devices will help you protect your car and vital assets and give you peace of mind.

    Stremcom Ltd has a Technical Control Centre and Client Help Desk, based in Lagos that operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, providing assistance to clients countrywide and coordinating all their support personnel.

    Our GPS/GPRS/GSM Vehicle Tracking System Solutions is suitable for Real Time Gps Tracking and Fleet Management Services. Track and trace your vehicle with Meitrack GPS Tracker. Our security tracking device shows vehicle's location, speed and direction. Once the device is installed in the vehicle. It will enable the owner to trace, monitor, locate and engine stop the vehicle anywhere on the surface of the earth through satellite by using GSM Mobile Phone or PC connected with internet.

    With your GSM handset or PC connected with internet, you can call or send sms to track and stop the vehicle at any time. All Services are Powered By MTN.

    Also, we offer after installation service of keeping trace and track of our entire subscriber's fleet of vehicles with effective and efficient management.

    We offer Vehicle Tracking services and installation with and without Monthly fees.

    ***Approved by Nigeria Communication Commission**** (NCC)

    Securing your vehicle and monitoring family or small fleet drivers is easy with our car tracker and Free tracking application. Take full control of your vehicles from the privacy of your mobile phone, tablets or PC - anywhere, anyday, anytime

    • Track your car on any phone with simple SMS
    • Track your car on any internet enable phone (optional)
    • Free smartphone & tablet tracking software
    • Automatic notification in case of theft
    • Ignition and engine shutdown via SMS. Stay in control in case of theft
    • Vehicle recovery feature in mobile app if stolen
    • Prevent unauthorized trips from drivers
    • Monitor excessive speed by your driver, children etc
    • Fuel log: Monitor fuel, prevent fuel theft and control costs
    • Monitor drivers conversation in your car
    • Understand locations instantly without zooming in/out
    • Add up to 1,000 own locations (office, home, client Church, Restaurant, joints etc..)
    • Multi-lingual with selectable primary language (English, French, Arabic etc…)
    • Accelerometer for towing alarms, secure parked and unguarded vehicles.
    • Monitor your car anywhere in the world

    ***Our Quality service make us standout & never goes out of service***

    We are MTN Partner & NCC Licensed
    Don't patronize quack in the industries, as you will regret it & blame yourself.

    Free Installations and Technical support
    Office and Home Installation available

    Stremcom Ltd; 080-3836-8255.