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Tips: How You May Be Destroying Your Teeth

Discussion in 'Health & Lifestyle' started by Admin, Apr 11, 2018.

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    The teeth are an aspect of the body that most people ignore until it begins to hurt.

    We all should pay more attention to our oral health and I am not just talking about bad breath but the strength of the teeth as well. Weak or chipped teeth fall out and can lead to incessant toothache.

    Therefore, some of the habits you should desist from are:

    1. Chewing ice

    I have met people who have no qualms with popping some ice cubes in their mouth. While this might seem like a fun habit, chewing on such hard substances can chip the teeth, not to mention what the coldness can do to the teeth- weaken them.

    2. Lozenges

    They are good for soothing sore throats but most have some sugar added. If you happen to chew them, they coat your teeth just as regular candy would. So, be sure to brush your teeth afterward to avoid cavities.

    3. Tongue piercing

    While it may seem like a fashion statement, you pose the risk of infection. Also, metal consistently rubbing against your gum can weaken the gum.

    4. Soft drinks

    Many of us can’t eat a meal without a bottle of soft drink but the sugar and acidic content wear the enamel.

    5. Grinding your teeth

    So many people do this unconsciously, especially in their sleep. Over time, this habit can wear the teeth and even cause pain. It is best to wear a mouth guard at night.

    6. Using your teeth to open stuff

    Your teeth may seem so hard and indestructible but they are not meant to open bottles, presents and cut wrappers and cellotapes.

    7. Starchy foods

    Potato chips, plantain, yam, chips etc. are usually broken down by bacteria in the teeth as acid. The longer they remain between your teeth, the more damage they cause. So floss after eating.

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  2. nwanzabekee

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    Waoh. Good tips. Thanks