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Should Saraki Resign Over Forgery And False Asset Declaration Cases?

Discussion in 'Straight Talks & Quotes' started by Admin, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Activists speak on whether the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, should resign or not owing to his ongoing court trials.

    In any decent society, he ought not to return to the office of the Senate President. He is facing a criminal charge. Conviction has very little significance; the fact is that he has to be in the dock to face criminal prosecution. It is humiliating that the leader of the Senate had to be docked for a criminal trial. It is a national embarrassment that he is attempting to politicise a purely criminal offence.

    Ayo Opadokun

    They should stop the charade. They should rather take decisive steps to save the country of the embarrassment; witch-hunt is not an appropriate response to the matter.

    People like us feel embarrassed and disappointed that military surrogates, sympathisers and loyalists who aided and abetted the military to dominate the national political landscape for a long time are the same set of people doing everything possible to frustrate and jeopardise democracy.

    While we were in the trenches using our blood, our freedom and even our lives, they were hands in glove with the military jackboot. The current political operators are messing the situation up day-by-day, pretending to be democrats, which they are not.

    They are only interested in the amount of money they can steal from the government coffers. Saraki is an unsuitable person for the seat of the Senate President.

    Itse Sagay

    Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN)
    The Senate President can do anything that suits his conscience. I have no opinion on the issue.

    Adedeji Adeleye

    The issue raises a moral question. Both Saraki and his deputy should resign. This is necessary for a public office holder, when your integrity is called to question. Look at the case of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron; he did not steal or forge anything. But for the fact that his people disagreed sharply with his position on the EU membership, he wants to step aside.

    In Nigeria, it is not seen that way. In the days of Chief Obafemi Owolowo, politician naturally left office when it was necessary. But today, politicians would rather bribe judges to remain in office. Saraki is fighting to keep his office do that he could use the position to negotiate for the presidency in 2019.

    Liborous Oshoma

    We are too legalistic in our approach to issues in this part of the world. Most times, we look at issues from the legal point of view without weighing the moral options. Look at the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Come October, he will leave office. He is a believer in the European Union. And now that his people have decided otherwise, it is like a vote of no confidence on him. So, he feels he does not enjoy the confidence of his people.

    But here, we look at every issue from the perspective of the law.

    On this issue, I have never heard Saraki defend himself; all he keeps saying is that he is being persecuted. I may not like President Muhammadu Buhari’s approach to issues. But what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. If Saraki is being prosecuted, the most reasonable thing to do is to step down and prove his innocence. It is not about him but about morals; it is about the behaviour expected of that office.

    A man occupying such an exalted office should be without blemish. It is not enough to say that he has not been found guilty. The fact that his name is even mentioned in a matter of such nature puts a big question on his integrity. The fact that his name is placed side-by-side with people accused of under-declaring their assets or forgery puts a big question on his reputation. It is not a defence in law for somebody to say, ‘We are many.’ ‘Why should it be that it is only me that is being prosecuted?’ That is not a defence. The questions is, ‘Did you do it or not?’

    We should focus on building strong institutions and not strong men. I may not like the fact that he is the only person being prosecuted. But was the rule forged? Who forged it? The bulk stops at the table of the man who is at the helm of affairs. Apart from that, who benefited from the forgery?

    Nobody says he should go to jail. Have we considered the negative publicity Nigeria gets for the fact that the number three citizen is docked for criminal prosecution? It is about the office. Those who must lead must live above board. Saraki is covered with mold, and it is only appropriate that he steps aside to clean himself. He can come back to take his office if found innocent.

    Chuks Nwachukwu

    There is no basis to call for Saraki’s resignation. I don’t understand what people mean when they say he forged the Senate Standing Orders. This is a straightforward issue, legally. Can one forge one’s signature? The response to this settles the questions over Saraki’s prosecution. He cannot be accused of forging the Senate Standing Orders. It is the Senate that makes its Standing Order, and it is only it that can say what its standing orders are. Ever if somebody presented something that did not exist before, you cannot fault it. Besides, the old Senate had gone. Also, whatever the Senate did cannot be questioned by anybody outside the chamber as long as the members ratified it through a simple voice vote.

    This is tantamount to accusing directors of a company of forging the memorandum and article of the company. If a company, at a general meeting, says this is our article, so be it. It does not matter if one or two members say they don’t agree with the Standing Orders. This is a case where the Senate has absolute supremacy. Prosecuting the leader of the Senate is like prosecuting the entire Senate; there is no supervisory body over its activities and whatever happens at the Senate. It is a matter in which the Senate is supreme. Can anybody say no to whatever the Senate calls its Standing Orders.

    And for the fact that the Senate used the Standing Orders to hold proceedings means that it rectified it. Nobody can question the standing. The logic is like questioning the outcome of a simple voting at the Senate. If the Senate feels that its rules were forged, it should impeach its leaders.

    Why should Saraki resign? Rather, it is President Buhari that should resign for interfering in the affairs of the Senate. It is an impeachable offence, so he should be asked to resign. The President should also be asked to sack the Attorney General of the Federation because he does not advise the President properly. He does not behave like a lawyer.

    Wahab Shittu

    Wahab Shitu
    In the case of Saraki, allegations are not synonymous with guilt. He should be allowed to defend himself in a court in an atmosphere of fair trial. Until the court has pronounced him guilty, I don’t think the Senate President or his deputy should resign. But Saraki must submit himself to the trial process.

    Debo Adeniran

    Saraki should resign. This is the normal thing to do. In fact, he should have resigned the first day his wife was indicted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. He has been involved in other scandalous issues; remember that his name was mentioned in the Panama Papers. Instead of defending himself, he is trying to water down the power of the agencies that called him to question.

    In a civilised world, this cannot be tolerated. That the Senate President is moving from one case to another is a disgrace to the nation. It is also shameful for the Senate President to be put in a witness box. There is no integrity in what he does in the National Assembly. He is only trying to curry the favour of the authorities or to whittle down the gravity of the allegations. The normal thing for him to do is to resign. If he does not resign, he should be impeached.

  2. Jide

    Jide Well-known Member

    Saraki should not resign because I now believe that there is a witch hunt going on here. Those who think that Buhari is running the affairs of this country are in denial. Those who are in support of all the wrong things Buhari and hid northern brothers should not cry for him when the senate impeach him.
  3. Lukat Naija

    Lukat Naija Member

    It has always been two steps forward and one step backward with Nigeria. Tell me the last time you hear of some good news about this country. I feel so bad, you don't wanna know:(