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Second Niger Bridge: Doyin Okupe Makes 15 Shocking Revelations

Discussion in 'Nigeria News, Politics' started by Admin, Apr 15, 2018.

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    Doyin Okupe, a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has made what he called 15 revelations about the Second Niger Bridge.

    In a message he entitled “GEJ, Buhari & The People,” Okupe wrote:

    [1] The Bridge is NOT Being Constructed by the FGN.

    [2] It’s a PPP Project which the FGN contributes a tiny fraction.

    [3] The 2nd Niger Bridge Will Cost about N117 billion.

    [4] Started in 2013 and should have been completed in 2017, but worked stopped for 31 months. Completion date Not certain now.

    [5] FGN share of the Cost is N30billion. Jonathan through the Sure-P paid N21.2billion (71%) including N7billion for the completion of preparatory work (Phase 1).

    [6] 38% of the work has been done as at Jan 2015.

    [7] The N140b Oshiomhole said was wasted on Admin cost on the bridge was a lie, as admin cost will not be higher the to cost of the whole project.

    [8] Buhari’s Govt Paid N2billion NOT $2billion as Osinbajo said during the Anambra state election. They will be paying another N3.05 when 2018 budget is approved.

    [9] Work has restarted in earnest at the site and about 5%-7% has been completed bring the total completed work to about 43% to 45% according to an engineer I spoke to.

    [10] All the pictures flying all over the internet are pictures of work-in-progress made during the 1st quarter of 2015.

    [11] In summary Jonathan Govt have paid 71% of FGN share of the cost, While Buhari’s govt has paid 6.1%.

    [12] Julius Berger, the Major Contractor and Construction company will put Toll Gate on Completion of the Bridge to cover their cost.

    [13] The Construction Company is Funding the Project and the People using the Bridge will bear the cost via Toll Charges.

    [14] The real People building the Bride are Nigerians that will use the Bridge, as they will REPAY the cost to Julius Berger.

    [15] For those celebrating Politicians and sharing old or fake pictures of 2nd Niger Bridge, the #Facts are Not on your side.
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  3. Coolest01

    Coolest01 Well-known Member

    An interesting revelation.
    Good to know more facts.
    The bridge cost will be paid by users and not the FGN.
  4. nwanzabekee

    nwanzabekee Well-known Member

    Doyin Okupe is a loser and lowlife. I don't find anything he says credible because he is a liar like Lai Mohammed.