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Samsung Is The People's Favorite For 2017

Discussion in 'Phones, Tech & Web' started by akatalady, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. akatalady

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    Samsung is the people's favorite for 2017

    The year 2017 has been exciting in the smartphone world. There has been a lot of flagship releases and the contest has been hot. In order to find out which smartphone brand do people actually love the most I created a Poll. Users from all over the world have voted and have decided on their favorite smartphone brand for the year.

    Samsung is the people's favorite for this year, this is not much of a surprise because their flagship smartphones Galaxy S8 and Note 8 have been regarded by most as the best smartphone of the year. Samsung led the table with a whopping 29% of the votes. Samsung's major competitor Apple had only 14% of the votes which is quite surprising. Apple is currently the world most valuable brand and their flagship smartphone (the iPhone X) is an amazing device which received good rating only been defeated by the Galaxy S8.

    The Hong-Kong Based smartphone manufacturer Infinix came second with 20% of the votes. Infinix is a very popular brand in this part of the globe. One peculair reason Infinix is loved is because of the prices of their devices, their devices are also durable and have strong batteries. Infinix has become a loved brand and has definitely come to stay.

    Tecno-mobile, established in 2006 came third with 17% of the votes. Tecno is a direct competitor to Infinix and also a very popular brand in Africa.Their recent Flagship Tecno Phantom 8 has recieved high ratings and is well loved by the people.

    The Tech Giant Google had 6%. Google smartphones have come a long way from the Nexus series now to the Pixel series. Their flagship Pixel XL 2 is one of the best smartphones released this year.

    Nokia, Huawei/Honor and LG had 3% each. Nokia used to be very popular here years ago int the times of the 3310. Although they seem to be putting a come back with impressive releases like the Nokia 8 and others. There has been a lot of debates on whether Nokia can still become a top brand like it used to be back in the days. I can't say anything on that but they don't seem to be giving up, who knows what can happen.

    Other brands consisting of iTel, Gionee, Xiaomi etc had 6% of the votes and Sony alongside Lenovo/Motorola had 0%. Although I am surprised at Sony not managing to accumulate any significant percentage because the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a very good device and there are high expectations for the upcoming Sony XPeria XZ2 which is going to be released at the MCW 2018 which is just around the corner. The XPeria XZ2 is to come with a bezel-less design which is the 'thing' now.

    In conclusion I congratulate Samsung on being the People's Favorite for the year 2017 and I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming Galaxy S9 which is codenamed "Crown".

    Before I sign out allow me to greet you Merry X-MAS and remember to share. It is the season of Love and Sharing. If you have any opinions, questions or contributions share them in the comment section.

    Source: 9jatechguru