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Ohanaeze Faults Fg’s Cut-off Mark Disparity In Unity Schools

Discussion in 'Nigeria News, Politics' started by Coolest01, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Coolest01

    Coolest01 Well-known Member

    ENUGU —THE apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has lambasted the Federal Ministry of Education for continuing in alleged descriminatory cut off point in unity schools in Nigeria.

    In a statement yesterday, the group alleged that under the guise of educationally disadvantaged areas, some states are unduly favoured with very low cut off marks while others have unacceptably high cut off points.

    The statement said: “For instance, whereas Abia State has 65 points for male and female, some states in the North have as low as 7 points for female and 10 points for male. This cannot continue. And funny enough, when products of this unjust system graduate, the same so-called educationally disadvantaged specie will get jobs and preferential treatment before his ‘advantage” colleague. This is robbing Peter to pay Paul. This is the highest degree of in-built terror against some people in Nigeria and it must stop. It has got to stop. This favoritism must stop if we want to continue as one nation.”

    Ohanaeze Ndigbo also condemned the re-instatement and promotion of Ibrahim Othman , one of the masterminds of the APO six killing in 2006. “Othman was recently re-instated and is now an Assistant Inspector General of Police . This is a great insult to the sensibility of the victims and dependants of the deceased traders.

    “There is no part of the world where this kind of callousness can happen and we call on the IG of Police and the Federal Government to reconsider the shameful act.

    “We also call for investigation into the ownership of oil blocs in Nigeria to ensure it meets geographical spread. The DPR and NNPC should publish the ownership structure of oil blocs in Nigeria.”

    Source: Vanguardngr
  2. akatalady

    akatalady Well-known Member

    Ohaneze is ineffective in Nigeria because they just talk and talk with no action.
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  3. Coolest01

    Coolest01 Well-known Member

    Though the present Ohaneze leadership under Nwodo is an improvement, they failed to capitalize on a key bargaining chip... Nnamdi Kanu
  4. nwanzabekee

    nwanzabekee Well-known Member

    - I beg to disagree. Ohaneze is working silently to give Igbo people a platform in Nigeria, same way Afenifere and Arewa are doing. I love Nnia Nwodo