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Nigeria At 49th Position In New FIFA Rankings

Discussion in 'Sports, Entertainment' started by nwanzabekee, Aug 16, 2018.

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    Football governing body, FIFA, have announced the 2018 World Cup champions, and the Super Eagles of Nigeria have been rated the 49th best country in the world.

    France is the new leader at the top of the latest FIFA rankings, while the previously top-ranked nation Germany, as well as Argentina, dropped out of the top 10.

    The top five on the list consists of France, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia and Uruguay.

    Nigeria ranks 49th in the world and 7th in Africa, while the top-ranked African team on the list is Tunisia tying the position with Senegal who both are 24th on the world stage.

    According to FIFA, the new formula;

    “Relies on adding/subtracting points won or lost for a game to/from the previous point totals rather than averaging game points over a given time period as in the previous version of the Ranking.

    “The changes, of which there are several, include the fact that inactive teams now preserve their point totals, with no devaluation of older games.

    “Points are dropped, however, from losing or drawing against weaker opposition, with the only exception to this rule matches in knockout rounds of major competitions such as the FIFA World Cup.”

    FIFA World Rankings (Africa Top 10)

    3)Congo DR
    [​IMG]Burkina Faso
    10)Cape Verde

    Source: lailasnews