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Naija Square Forum Nigerian Videos Of The Year 2017 Pt 1

Discussion in 'NaijaSquare Top Videos' started by Admin, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Dear Members,

    Every year, Naija Square Forum will showcase our videos of the year from known or rising Nigerian artists. Members are all welcome to participate in this amazing process because we believe that all hands must be on deck to motivate and encourage our home grown artists.

    Enjoy this great videos and be sure to join in our next picks! :)

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  2. Godchild

    Godchild Well-known Member

    That's cool. I have listened to this track and watched the video over a hundred times that my friends think I'm really nuts. I am not surprised you guys picked this one as the album of the month. Kudos:D
  3. AriesKing

    AriesKing Member

    Great. I like it but I don't know why he chose another little person for the video. lol!
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  4. johnBee

    johnBee Well-known Member

    Hmmmn. Nice one. I don't know about him. What part of Nigeria is he from? @AriesKing You are really funny as per little person. You are right but I think the girl is very cute.
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  5. AriesKing

    AriesKing Member

    @johnBee Ok. First, here's a brief biography of Tekno Miles:

    Augustine Miles Kelechi AKA tekno miles,born on the 17th December 1992.He is a Nigerian and is called the chrisbrown of Nigeria because of his great talent in singing and dancing.Tekno miles is the youngest in the Made men music group,he is actually fun and also is loved by all the people around him.His fans mean a whole lot to him and then the love he is got for his mum is so indescribable.He has recorded so many songs and the he is just one of a kind.
  6. AriesKing

    AriesKing Member

    Let's hope your wife or girlfriend doesn't catch you admiring another woman. You know is a taboo in Nigeria :)
  7. Naijamanxx

    Naijamanxx Well-known Member

    Here's another wonderful video from this Nigerian rising star. @Admin I don't know the criteria you used in your pick but this video below is much better, in my opinion sha!

  8. Naijamanxx

    Naijamanxx Well-known Member

    He reminds me of Chris Brown though. Is anybody seeing what I see here? Even his dance steps too. What do you think?
  9. Ng Owigiri

    Ng Owigiri Well-known Member

    I don't his videos. I think it promotes promiscuity and immorality but I am not shocked to find that a lot of like the video in question. What happen to videos of gospel artists like Eben or Sister Sinach?
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    Admin Administrator

  11. Admin

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  12. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Solidstar - Nwa Baby featuring 2 Face Idibia

  13. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Ran into this one by Runtown. Nice video, Check it out:

  14. Lukat Naija

    Lukat Naija Member

  15. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Coming back to Tekno with 'Pana'

  16. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    2017 has really turned out to be Phyno's. This guy is waxing strong and making serious waves globally.

  17. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    NSF People!

    Check this one by Phyno where he is dissing HUSHPUPPI :D:p

  18. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Folks! Here's this one b Dbanj. I really don't know to react to this one but I don't think this is his finest.

    Be the JUDGE!

  19. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    I am opening another thread due to popular demand by viewers and members. We are showcasing great music videos by Nigerian artists.

    Check out this awesome video by Demmie Vee featuring 9ice:
  20. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Here's a great one by Davido. This guy is waxing strong with great hits.

    Here's the video titled 'Fall'