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My Father Arrested Me When I Left USA For Lagos To Face Music - Davido

Discussion in 'Celebrities & Showbiz' started by Admin, Jan 10, 2018.

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    According to him, his father was initially not in support of his decision to do music and even went ahead to arrest him when he returned to Nigerian to pursue his dreams For a star like Davido who obviously came from a wealthy home, one would think he never had to struggle for anything.

    Well it appears that the Fia crooner didn't exactly have it easy especially when he gave up everything to delve into music. According to Atlanta born Nigerian singer, his father was not impressed when he left the US where he was studying Engineering to return to Lagos to pursue his music career. He said: "My dad didn’t like me doing music!” laughs D “If he saw my face on a billboard, he’d arrest everybody at that show! But when I made the song ‘Dami Duro’ [2011], it became the biggest track in Africa; it’s saying: ‘I’m the son of a rich man, you can’t stop me, and people love me.’ It now feels good for dad to see that music can take me this far.”

    When asked about the awakening the western mainstream has experienced seeing that Afrobeat has inspired a lot of international artistes, Davido who has over 4 million followers online sited social media as the main reason.

    According to him, "It’s the internet and social media,” replies Davido, with the assurance of someone who has Nigeria’s biggest Instagram account (5.5m followers). “I’m telling you, Nigerian people have a supportive force, and an amazing energy. Beyoncé and Kanye felt it on their visits, but Nigeria has always been very big on entertainment; when I was little, a big artist would come over to play every Christmas. Now the music industry in Nigeria is like a government ministry; it’s worth billions. There are so many artists in Nigeria that you might not have heard of, but trust me, they’re doing well."

    Speaking on the type of music and what inspires his sound, he said“In Nigeria, we all mix sounds together and collaborate; it’s natural,” He described his type of songs as “afrofusion”, with elements including hip-hop, Ghanaian high life, South African kwaito, and R&B. “It’s been generalised as afrobeats, but I have songs that sound like afropop, afrotrap." he said.

    Source: newshelmng
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