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MTN Now Allows The Rollover Of Data Plan Bundles As Instructed By NCC

Discussion in 'Phones, Tech & Web' started by Admin, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Last week, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) announced data rollover policy to be implemented by all telecommunications companies in Nigeria, including MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile. However, MTN has become the first network provider to implement the feature.

    The data rollover feature allows subscribers to use their expired or unfinished data bundle in grace period. The grace period is the second chance or time given to a subscriber to use his or her unused data bundle.

    See how the data rollover feature works

    >> MTN Daily Plans valid for a day, plus 1 extra day of grace, making 2 days for the expired data to be wiped out.

    >> MTN Weekly Plans valid for 7days, plus 3 extra days of grace, making 10 days validity period.

    >> MTN Monthly Plans valid for 30days (a month), plus 7 days extra, making 37 days validity for the data to be wiped out.

    You can start subscribing to any data plan of your choice and decides to set your mind at peace. However, we hope other networks in Nigeria follows suite.

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  2. Abokiman

    Abokiman Well-known Member

    The same MTN that was acting like they own Nigeria during Jonathan's administration.

    Buhari till 2030 :D:D:D