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Men Should Think Twice Before Saying No To Their Wives

Discussion in 'Comedy, Jokes Etc' started by akatalady, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. akatalady

    akatalady Well-known Member

    I got this from a friend and want men to a 'chill pill' before saying no to their wives or girlfriends.

    Wife= Honey can u please help me with cleaning de garden?

    Husband=Do i look like a gardener?

    Wife=Sorry Honey, OK then fix de bathroom door.

    Husband=Do i look like a carpenter?... then de husband walks out. After coming from where he went, he found de garden clean and de door fixed

    Husband=I knew my wife u can do this all by yourself

    Wife= Its not Me

    Husband= Who then?

    Wife=simo Our neighbour

    Husband= How much did u pay him?

    Wife= No money, he just gave 2 options, bread or sex

    Husband= Hope u gave him bread

    Wife= Do i look like baker?

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    Admin Administrator

    Good one akatalady. More More More
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