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Married Woman Caught In Hotel Room With Her Husband’s Childhood Friend

Discussion in 'Crimes, Courts & Justice' started by Admin, May 25, 2018.

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    A Married woman ran out of luck as she was caught pant-down with her husband’s childhood friend.

    The woman walked into one of the cheapest hotel with her lover, unknowingly to her that she was followed by a member of her husband’s family.

    According to a Gist Afriqan on Facebook, the member of her husband’s family waited patiently for them to go into their go into the arena, arranged themselves for them match before breaking into the room.

    The reporter who posted the pictures on Facebook, wrote;

    “( It might not be new story but we need to learn every day.)

    “Married Woman Caught Doing Her Husband's Friend In A Hotel

    “A married woman has bitten more than she can chew and her marriage is now on the brinks after a member of her husband's family caught her red-handed with her husband's friend in one of the cheap hotel in town.

    “The woman already has a child for her husband but that is even making the matters worse as it is believed that her husband's friend might be the father of the child if checks are conducted. Her husband is out-of-town.

    “The husband's family, a woman, who caught her, waited for her and the man to enter their hotel room, spend a few minutes, before storming the room. She went inside and caught them in the act...

    “The lady's name is Sheila and the man she's sleeping with is said to be her husband's childhood friend.”