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Mallam Shekarau is Politically Unstable: Uche Secondus

Discussion in 'Nigeria News, Politics' started by Admin, Sep 10, 2018.

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    The Observers Times - Abuja

    The national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Uche Secondus has advised the former Minister of Education who recently defected back from the PDP to All Progressives Congress, APC, to “face his blooper and stop looking for who to blame”.

    The national chairman said through his media office Sunday night that he finds it laughable that the former minister whose itinerant political movement is well known to all is trying to blame him for his wrong political decision. “The former Minister would just have carried on with his political life the way he wants it instead of trying to drag the name of the National Chairman into his well known itinerant political journey.

    “As a former Minister, and a former Governor Mallam Shekarau knows too well that no one person can really remove somebody from a party not to talk of a status of a former Governor and a former Minister in the party.

    “The PDP national chairman finds it embarrassing Mallam Shekerau’s continuous dropping of his name in the story of his exit which he long began and as a result made all discussions for peace and understanding difficult.

    “Was Secondus the National Chairman of his party when Mallam Shekerau carried out all his previous political movements in and out of political parties including leaving APC to PDP in 2014 when it was Prince Secondus as deputy National Chairman along with the then PDP National Chairman, Adamu Muazu who facilitated his appointment as Minister of Education by the then President Goodluck Jonathan.”

    Mr Secondus said he understands the burden of conscience now weighing heavily on Mr Shakerau due to his obvious undesirable political decision but he should carry it and face the consequences instead of looking for somebody to blame.

    For record purposes, the statement explained, the PDP through its contact committee set up to discuss and negotiate with returning and new members into the party agreed to a number of terms which was not peculiar to Kano state and the agreed terms are being implemented dutifully in all the states involved.

    The national chairman noted that all his efforts to smoothen the rough areas as it concerns Kano were blocked by the former minister whose mind was already made to continue his familiar itinerant political movement.