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Life and Relationships - Keeping the Delicate Balance

Discussion in 'Articles & Opinions' started by tolulopehnn, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Life and Relationships- Keeping the Delicate Balance

    Everyday life throws challenges at us, and we struggle to balance work, school, business or whatever else we have to do. With the amount of tasks left to be accomplished daily, we sometimes neglect to show our significant others how much they mean to us and this starts to cause friction in the relationship. Over time if this continues, because they have the feeling that they are not as important as the other things in your life, they tend to draw away, creating a division in the relationship- or perhaps even finding comfort in the arms of someone else. It is very important to know how to maintain a balance between your goals and your relationship if you don’t want to lose out on both ends.

    · Surprise each other- Women and men should both learn the art of doing and buying things for their partners. It doesn’t have to be big gifts; little things like doing their errands, cooking for them and picking up their favorite junk foods can go a long way to show them that they are important to you.

    · Try new things together- Creating memories together is part of building a strong and healthy relationship so why not try new things and get out of the daily routine?

    · Take trips together- Daily routines get monotonous and boring, so experts advise couples to take trips away from the tedium of daily life. Take a trip to Lagos, Calabar, Abuja or Port Harcourt, the biggest cities in Nigeria with the best hotels- or take a trip to the less populated states with equally good hotels and resorts.

    · Be interested in things that concern them- People tend to make friends in line with interests they have, so instead of your partner having friends to do things with just because you don’t like it, get interested in their interests so you can have stuff to talk about

    · Communicate properly- The worst thing anyone can do to kill a relationship is to be emotionally distant. Let your partner know what you are thinking and feeling so that the feeling don’t get bottled up till they explode.

    · Set rules, goals and boundaries

    But whatever you do, don’t choke your partner. Give them space from time to time so that they don’t feel cornered in.