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Jeff Bezos Is Now the Richest Person on Earth With Over $100 Billion

Discussion in 'Business & Economy' started by Coolest01, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Coolest01

    Coolest01 Well-known Member

    The Amazon founder topped Forbes' list of billionaires
    March 7th, 2018
    (SAN FRANCISCO) — Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has become the first person to amass a fortune surpassing $100 billion in Forbes magazine’s annual ranking of the world’s moguls.
    The milestone announced Tuesday underscores the growing clout of Bezos and the company he founded in 1994 as an online bookstore.

    These days, Amazon sells almost everything imaginable online. It’s now trying help people manage their lives with its digital assistant Alexa, which is implanted in its Echo line of internet-connected speakers.
    Forbes estimates Bezos’ wealth at $112 billion as of Feb. 9, up from about $73 billion last year, thanks to Amazon’s surging stock price.

    President Donald Trump didn’t fare as well financially during his first year in office. Forbes says his fortune fell by about $400 million to $3.1 billion.

    Source: Time Magazine Screenshot_2018-03-07-20-35-19.png
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  2. Coolest01

    Coolest01 Well-known Member

    I always dream of joining the billionaire club, stories like this inspire me.
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  3. Coolman16

    Coolman16 Well-known Member

    Me too. I am ok but will never be there in my lifetime.
    I love Jeff Bezos but my favourite is Warren Buffet. Read about him and be further inspired.
  4. akatalady

    akatalady Well-known Member

    Means nothing to me. Does this change the price of fuel in Nigeria?
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  5. Coolest01

    Coolest01 Well-known Member

    Never say never bro, it takes one idea to get you there.
    Yea, will research on W. Buffet... thanks
  6. Coolest01

    Coolest01 Well-known Member

    Ask Buhari... hahahaaaha