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Is Choosing Your Husband Really That Important?

Discussion in 'Straight Talks & Quotes' started by akatalady, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. akatalady

    akatalady Well-known Member

    There are women out there who are roped in. They are married but aren't really happy. They pretend they are happy when they are not. I ask this question partly because of the drama between Tonto Dike and her ex-husband.

    Well, I think that choosing a husband is the most important decision a woman will make because that's the difference between living and not living. So, my lady friends, take a harder look at that man who's pushing you to marry him. Instead of rushing, try finding out if he is normal or a psychopath :D:D:p

    Share your views please.

  2. Godchild

    Godchild Well-known Member

    Hmmmn. Lol! Half of Nigerian women are dying in silence, living with men who have sidekicks and that's how diseases spread so fast.