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Introducing Nigerian Forum and Message Board - Naija Square

Discussion in 'Naija Square Blog' started by Admin, Sep 11, 2016.

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    We are proud to announce the latest community-driven Nigerian forum, and message board called the www.naijasquare.com It is a place where Nigerians from all over the world can come together and share their diverse experiences freely, formulate proposals and fundamentally network for positive action. While our community is still in its initial stages, we pride ourselves in offering unbiased and critical discussions among Nigerians of varied backgrounds.

    Who Can Sign up For Naija Square Forum?

    We accept members from the entire Nigerian community regardless of your location both within the country and from all over the world. Our main aim is to connect people who want to discuss Nigeria and everything else related to our great country. Anyone interested in learning about Nigeria, including our own citizens here in the country can join our forum today and start participating by contributing meaningful topics for discussions.

    How Can I Join Naija Square Forum?

    The Naija Square Forum is open to all Nigerians, and the sign-up process is very easy. Simply fill in the new member form with your personal information here on the website to join our global Nigerian community. It is important to note that by submitting the sign-up form means that you have accepted the terms and conditions that govern the use of our forum.

    How to Use the Naija Square Forum

    On Naija Square Forum, there are two main ways that you can engage with other members of the Nigerian community – you can take part in any ongoing discussion or start another new discussion. As a tip, before posting a question or a topic for discussion, use the available search box to look for the topic that you want to discuss. You may find that we have already covered that topic, and all you need to do is add your message to the right threads.

    Understanding the Trophy System on Naija Square Forum

    Using this particular Nigerian forum also promises rewards for its members with our unique trophy system. As you continue contributing regularly to the Naija Square Forum and engaging with members of the community through new posts and replies, you will receive automatic positive ratings that grow your reputation. You will earn points that will be clearly listed under your username that showcase your skills and knowledge in the community.

    Naija Square Forum is an excellent tool if you want to network and share thoughts of what is happening in Nigeria. You will become more knowledgeable as you read through the posts, and you can also establish your expertise by creating threads that provide people with solutions. Sign up today and start experiencing the best of the Nigerian community.

    Join Here: http:www.naijasquare.com/login/login
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    Nice job Mr Patrick. Many thanks for opportunity to be a moderator @ Naija Square Forum. I appreciate your balance and inclusiveness.
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    You guys are really serious with this forum. I see new features everyday. Kudos to you all.
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    I love this forum. It's drama and pornography free because I can be on the computer and won't be afraid when my kids bump in. :)
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    Ok. I have registered. Where are my goodies? :D:)
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