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InstForex Trading And Questions

Discussion in 'Business & Economy' started by instaforexbuk, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    Dear forum members,

    I would like to represent InstaForex Company here in this topic. I will be glad to get feedback regarding our services and interesting offers from you.
    Do not hesitate to ask any question about trading and InstaForex Company, I will be glad to support everybody.
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  2. Jide

    Jide Well-known Member

    Welcome! What's Instforex? and what kind of trading are we talking about.? Thanks
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  3. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    @Jide Instaforex is a forex broker. A forex broker acts as an intermediary between the two parties involved in a forex transaction: the buyer and the seller. While it is possible to buy or sell currencies directly through banks and other institutions, brokers offer services that typically benefit traders such as charting platforms, analysis tools, and access to leverage.
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  4. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    New contest – Beat the Legend

    InstaForex is glad to announce the start of a unique contest – Beat the Legend. The contest is held in cooperation with the legendary Liverpool FC and the club's star of 20th and 21th centuries – Jason McAteer.

    What's unique in this contest is its blend of trading and football. A special binary option will be the contest's trading instrument. This option will be based on InstaForex forecasts of the Liverpool FC results in the Premier League matches. If traders believe that Liverpool FC will play better than forecasted, they open a call option; and if worse, a put option. By the contest results, winners will get valuable prizes such as VIP tickets for the Liverpool FC games, merchandises with the Reds' logo, and trading bonuses from InstaForex.

    Besides, Jason McAteer himself will participate in the contest! He will give his own analytics of every game.

    The contest will kick off on October 20, 2016 and end in late May 2017. However, intermediate prizes will be given throughout the whole season. To take part in the contest and to find out its rules, go to this page!

  5. Jide

    Jide Well-known Member

    Thanks @instaforexbuk. Not a fan of of that type of trading but I think you are in the wrong forum. Don't mean to be rude though. Goodluck!
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  6. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    Change in market opening time on October, 31

    Dear clients,

    Please be informed that on October, 31, 2016, the trading session will be opened 1 hour later, at 01:00 UTC+3.

    This change is pertaining to Europe's transition to winter time, while the United States is supposed to switch to it one week later.

    Starting from November 7, 2016, after the trading server is switched to winter time, the trading week will begin as usual, at 00:00 on Monday.

    Please take this fact into account and make changes to your trading strategies if necessary.

  7. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    Best ECN Broker in Asia by International Finance Awards

    In October 2016, our company put another trophy on its wall of recognition. The International Finance Magazine, the high-ranked British online media, awarded InstaForex the Best ECN Broker in Asia.

    Remarkably, it is the fourth time when our company received this prestigious award. Let us remind that in 2009 our company was recognized as the best broker in Asia for the first time, and seven years after that we are still holding the leading position in the financial services market expanding our activity on trading floors in the Asia-Pacific region.

    We are still a reliable partner for our clients in Asia, and another award by IFA has proved that InstaForex is the number one broker in this region – the broker chosen by millions of traders.

  8. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    Let’s cheer winners of Miss Insta Asia 2016

    We would like to share long-awaited news with you. We are ready to unveil the names of ladies who won the popular online beauty contest, Miss Insta Asia 2016. The jury consisted of users of the official Miss Insta Asia website, Instagram subscribers, and InstaForex clients with the right of a privileged vote. So the most charming contestants have been already determined.

    Anna Gementchuk obtained the largest number of votes and was awarded the title of Miss Insta Asia 2016. Podium places and generous prizes were shared among these stunning girls from different countries:

    1st place – Anna Gementchuk, USD 20,000

    2nd place – Olga Ptitsyna, USD 10,000

    3d place – Liliya Berezhnaya, USD 5,000

    Besides, the jury decided to award two beauties in special categories, Insta Choice and Forex Lady. Alexandra Dreithaler and Olga Lysa were recognized as the best and won USD 5,000 each.

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  9. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    Market volatility due to US presidential election

    Dear clients!

    Due to the upcoming presidential election in the United States, currency and stock markets may experience high volatility and low liquidity during the week. Please take this fact into account when developing your trading strategy. Besides, we inform you that maximum leverage for all account types could be lowered to 1:200.

    These restrictions could be valid from November 8th till November 11th, 2016.
  10. Lukat Naija

    Lukat Naija Member

  11. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    @Lukat Naija , you are welcome. Do you trade Forex please?
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  12. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    @ Lukat Naija thank you so much, do you trade Forex ?
  13. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    Jaguar F-Type from InstaForex: the prize goes to Portugal

    Jaguar-number 51287 was fixed on October 30, 2016. We identified trading account which was the closest to Jaguar-number. So the winning account is 8751332, it belongs to Carlos Miguel Nascimento Rodrigues from Portugal.

    The winner could choose between the main prize - new premium sport car Jaguar F-Type and $130,000 to be credited on trading account. Carlos chose the money prize.

    InstaForex sincerely congratulates Carlos with the victory and wish him a successful trading on Forex!

  14. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    Changes in trading hours

    InstaForex would like to inform you about a change in trading hours on November 24-25, 2016 due to the national celebration of Thanksgiving Day in the United States. The change concerns the following trading instruments:

    Spot metals (GOLD, SILVER), Futures energy and metals:

    24.11 early close at 20:00

    25.11 early close at 20:45

    Stock CFDs:

    24.11 day-off

    25.11 early close at 20:00

    Futures agro:

    24.11 day-off

    25.11 from 16:30 to 20:15

    Futures Wheat

    Futures Soybeans

    Futures Soybean Oil

    Futures Soybean Meal

    Futures Corn

    Futures Lean Hog

    Futures Feeder Cattle

    Futures Live Cattle

    Futures goods:

    24.11 day-off

    25.11 - normal trading hours (except Lumber from 17:00 to 20:00)

    Indices #SPX, #INDU, #COMPQ

    24.11 day-off
  15. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    Results for 8 InstaForex contest summed up

    The winners of eight InstaForex contests are determined. This time, we will name the victors of the following contests: One Million Option, InstaForex Sniper, Lucky Trader, FX-1 Rally, Real Scalping, and Great Race, as well as the Chancy Deposit and “Trade Wise, Win device” campaigns. InstaForex congratulates the winners on their amazing results and wishes other contestants to see their names in the next review.

    One Million Option

    One Million Option is one of the most popular InstaForex contests. It attracts hundreds of participants willing to be named the best options trader and thus fighting for this title bitterly. According to the results of the interim contest, Sergey Chuchupaka showed the best trading. The next competition will take place soon, from November 28, 2016 to December 2, 2016.

    InstaForex Sniper

    The fastest and luckiest traders, who know when precisely to close a deal, compete in the InstaForex Sniper contest. Sergey Kazakevich turned out to be the winner of the recent step. The next stage of the InstaForex Sniper contest will be carried out from November 28, 2016 to December 2, 2016

    Lucky Trader

    Confidence, prudence, and orientation towards success are the key to achieving excellent result in two-week marathon Lucky Trader. If you manage to trade perfectly for two weeks, just like Aleksandr Mirniy did it, you will also have a chance to become a victor. The next stage will start on November 28, 2016 and end on December 9, 2016.

    FX-1 Rally

    Igor Kuznetsov won the latest step of the FX-1 Rally contest showing his best trading and racing skills. We congratulate the winner on the brilliant victory and wish him to keep winning. If you want to feel the thrilling spirit of the race, be welcome to join the new step of the FX-1 Rally contest that will begin at 00:00 November 25, 2016 and finish at 23:59 November 25, 2016.

    Trade Wise, Win Device

    According to the results of the recent stage, Valeriy Gorshkov became the victor of the Trade Wise, Win Device campaign and the owner of a new iPhone. The upcoming step of the campaign will show whether you are lucky enough to win a branded gadget too. The new stage will take place from December 5, 2016 to December 16, 2016. You can register for the campaign on its web page right now.

    Real Scalping

    Short-term trading is rather difficult and meticulous and requires close attention. Not everyone is attentive, focused, and fast enough to succeed in the Real Scalping contest. This time Andriy Kuziv displayed all these features and took the first place. InstaForex congratulates the winner and invite other less successful traders to participate in the contest. Everyone willing to test their skills can register for the Real Scalping contest on the InstaForex official website. The next competition will begin on December 5, 2016 and finish on December 30, 2016.

    Chancy Deposit

    In this campaign everything depends on sheer luck. If you get lucky, you will become a winner of the Chancy Deposit InstaForex campaign and receive an impressive money prize, just like Aleksey Bunakov did it lately.

    Great Race 2016

    Adekunle Bodunde Adewumi became the winner of the recent stage of the Great Race 2016 contest. We sincerely congratulate the victor and other runner-ups of annual marathon Great Race.

    Learn more about contests

    Photos and comments of the finalists
  16. Jide

    Jide Well-known Member

    Hmmmm. Just reading comments ;)
  17. Jide

    Jide Well-known Member

    Too good to be true, my opinion.
  18. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    Christmas Bonus from InstaForex

    Ahead of Christmas and New Year, we announce the start of a new campaign – The 10% Christmas Bonus. With this bonus, you can add either 40% or 65% of deposited funds to your live trading account. Christmas bonus can be credited alongside the 30% and 55% Bonuses. The campaign is held from December 12, 2016 to January 8, 2017.

    Christmas Bonus can be credited only once and only in case 30% Welcome Bonus or 55% Bonus have been already credited to an account.

    Christmas Bonus cannot be withdrawn, but all profits made from trading the bonus funds can be withdrawn without limitations.

    Immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere – get the Christmas Bonus!


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  19. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    New truck to secure victory at Dakar Rally 2017

    Dakar Rally 2017 is a tough challenge both for racers and trucks. The route will stretch across Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina. The famous large-scale rally kicks off on January 2 in Asunción and comes to an end on January 14 in Buenos Aires. InstaForex Loprais Team will traditionally take part in the Dakar adventure.

    This year, our team headed by Ales Loprais is going to compete on Tatra Phoenix, the new state-of-the-art truck, specially designed for the off-road rally. The other good news is that Ales Loprais and Martin Kolomy combined their efforts under a new joint venture called InstaForex Tatra Buggyra Racing Formation. They have already passed several test drives in Slovakia and Hungary. Mechanical fine-tuning included adjustment of shock absorber settings, replacement of truck's electronics, and installation of a new turbocharged engine.

    A lot of trucks will drop out of the race. With Tatra Phoenix, our team gains an advantage in speed. Competitors will face severe obstacles along the route to Buenos Aires. For example, in Bolivia the trucks will have to overcome the high altitude dunes at around 3,500 meters. Both racers and mechanics will have to test their endurance.

    The odds are that Ales Loprais and Martin Kolomy will showcase their racing skills in tandem and reach the final destination.

    One month is left before the major event among rally adventures. Our team with their Tatra Phoenix is already half-way to Paraguay. They are anticipating a 12-day off-road race across impassable routes of South America.

    Follow the updates of Dakar Rally 2017 and root for InstaForex Loprais Team!

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  20. instaforexbuk

    instaforexbuk Well-known Member

    Changes in trading hours during the Christmas and New Year holidays

    Dear traders,

    Please pay attention to changes in trading hours during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

    December 23 – trading will be carried out as usual.

    December 26 –Forex trading will be resumed at 06:00 GMT+2, while other trading instruments will not be available for trading this day.

    December 27-30 – trading will be carried out as usual.

    January 2 - Forex trading will be resumed at midnight (GMT+2), while other trading instruments will not be available for trading this day.

    January 3 - trading will be carried out as usual.

    USD/RUB and EUR/RUB will not be available for trading on January 2-6. Trading on these currency pairs will be resumed on January 9.

    We also inform you that the company reserves the right to limit opening of new deals on ForexCrosses 4 and 5 from December 26, 2016 through January 3, 2017. However, closing active deals will be available as usual during this period.
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