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Igbo Presidency: We Prefer Good Governance - Igbo Youths

Discussion in 'Nigeria News, Politics' started by Admin, Jan 29, 2018.

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    Against the backdrop of the claim by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mustafa Boss that President Muhammadu Buhari's re-election is the shortest cut to a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction in 2023, Igbo youths have said that they prefer good governance to a president from their extraction.

    Speaking in a telephone interview with irukkanews, the President of Igbo Youths Initiative, Prince Alexander Ezeobi said that what most Nigerians want is the person that would improve their living conditions irrespective of where he comes from. According to him, the world has gone beyond the extraction where the president comes from. He said assuming that President Buhari is doing well, Igbo youths would have supported his re-election.

    However, he said that those who are saying that Buhari would hand over to an Igbo person if he is re-elected in 2019 is either that they are trying to deceive the Igbo or they don’t know about Buhari`s legendary hatred of the Igbo race. He wondered how a president who did not consider the Igbo fit enough to be appointed among the security chiefs would consider them fit for presidency. According to him, the last thing Buhari would do in life is to hand over to an Igbo person,adding that he cannot even do it at gun point.

    He said that using 2023 Igbo presidency as a tool to make Igbos vote for Buhari in 2019 would not work. According to him, Igbos are too wise to be deceived by that. He said that those who want Buhari to stay beyond 2019, upon all the atrocities that his kinsmen, the Fulani herdsmen are committing are the biggest enemies of the country. Ezeobi said that what is currently going in the country today is just a tip of what would happen if President Buhari is re-elected in 2019. He said that all hands must be on deck to stop the armggedon that would befall ,should Buhari win second term.

    "The APC has started again with their lies. They now want to use 2023 presidency to deceive Igbos into voting for Buhari. This is a party that has become notorious for breaking campaign promises. Whoever wants Buhari to continue in power beyond 2019 upon what is going on in the country now is an enemy.

    Left to us, he should resign now and go home, But we know that he would not, so we are waiting for 2019 to send him packing. What the Igbo youths want is a president who would see the whole country as his constituency. A president who would give all the components parts of the country sense of belonging. A president that would provide jobs and security for the youths and other Nigerians and not one whose people would be using Nigeria as a killing field. Buhari must go and leave us alone .He has done enough harm to our people.

    Source: irukkanews