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How To Create A Sales Page Without Buying Domain And Hosting.

Discussion in 'Guide, Tips & Tricks' started by Admin, May 12, 2018.

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    Do you know you can create a sales page without buying domain and hosting?

    The cost of buying both domain name and hosting can be a hole in the pocket of a new or average online marketer. Most times, the cost of setting up a sales page may rub online marketers of generated profit from campaigns. However, there is a way to reduce the burden and in this post, I shall explain the easiest way to create a sales page without buying domain and hosting and how you can use same as landing page for all your campaigns or ads online.

    A sales page is a webpage that contains product information such as features,specification,benefits,order process intended for visitors to make a buying decision.

    A professor definition.

    It simply means an online page where you sell your product/service.



    This is actually for beginners and determined entrepreneur who cannot afford a website yet and those who are yet to RENEW their hosting and Domain Plan.


    I know you are just starting and you have been thinking of


    Soon, you will even possess a WEBSITE that is bigger than the ALMIGHTY amazon website.

    Just kidding,


    it is possible after you have been able to MAXIMIZE more than enough profit with what i want to unveil now.

    This is how to GO ABOUT IT



    *Set the font size to a very big ONE

    *Get all the images you need available on your system

    *Write Your Sales Content In That Microsoft Word Document.

    (By Hiring a Copywriter if you want to make MASSIVE sales or write yourself if you have correctly learnt the ACT.

    Do not forget USE that BIG FONT for increased legibility.

    (Just an ADVICE)

    *Insert Your images at the best point on the document page.

    *Design with the NECESSARY COLOUR application if necessary

    *Underline Keywords if you want to.

    * MAKE your call to ACTION super CLEAR.

    This is where you can get engagement .

    NB:Don't just JOKE with the CALL ACTION area.


    CALL (0800000000000000) To get in touch etc.

    2.Convert the PAGE to A PDF File By saving the WORD DOCUMENT as A PDF File.

    Or visit www.smallpdf.com to Convert that document to PDF ,if your MS WORD does not have that FEATURE.

    We are almost there.

    Hope you are getting these steps.

    Yes or NO.

    I Believe yes.

    3.Visit drive.google.com

    Sign in with your google account (gmail)

    If you don't have ONE ,create a gmail account.

    Sign in and Upload The new PDF file to google drive.

    Just On the new uploaded PDF file,Right click on it and get a SHARABLE link.

    Just Copy the link.

    4.Now you are almost done.

    Visit www.

    In the box on the site ,PASTE that link you have COPIED and press "ENTER"

    You will now get a SHORTENED LINK different from that long link you initially COPIED.

    Mind you ,

    You will get something like

    Never mind,this rubbish could be anything.

    Copy the new generated LINK,

    It will still DIRECT you to that SALES PAGE you have created.


    You can now give out this new link to your customers to check out your product.

    You can also run PAID traffic,Facebook adverts with this link or other link oriented adverts.

    Hope you know how to create a Facebook advert,if you don't know How

    I will teach you LATER


    Pending to the Time you can afford a standard website.

    Since the function of a website is primarily for visibility.

    This will make you VISIBLE too.

    Hope this will help a lot of potential Online Business experts for a while before they finally become the Next DIGITAL JAGABAN.

    With the above process, there is no doubt you have learnt the easiest way to create a sales page without buying domain and hosting now.

    P.S :As soon as you make enough profit,invest in your business.

    Get a good website and create a SALES PAGE with Instabuilder and the likes.