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Happening Now! Tanker Explodes In Lagos, Many Vehicle Burnt See Video

Discussion in 'Naija Square Blog' started by Coolman16, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Coolman16

    Coolman16 Well-known Member

    Where are the fire service people. You will not see them until hours after this incident!!

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator

  3. nwanzabekee

    nwanzabekee Well-known Member

    We are in trouble in this damn Country. Nothing is working well and people are just existing and not living at all.
    Imagine the lack of a response team or the environmental hazard.
  4. naijaflexo

    naijaflexo Well-known Member

    We are doomed but we are too proud to admit it.
    Our politicians travel to USA and Europe for their selfish reasons
    But will never do things the way they do over there.

    Watch How Gasoline and Fuel are moved or transported in Normal Countries:

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  5. Abokiman

    Abokiman Well-known Member

    Good observation but igbo people and a few Yorubas will never understand you just pointed out. They will threaten you and call you all kinds of names but the truth is that Northerners are not the problem in Nigeria. There are few bad eggs among my people but Buhari is dealing with them but the fake Nigerian News media will never write about it.

    Who are the Yahoo boys? Answer igbos and Yorubas
    Who are the ritualists? Yorubas mostly
    Who are the kidnappers Answer: Yoruba and Igbo people
    Who are the greediest Nigerians Answer: Igbo people
    Who complain more than others in Nigeria? Answer: Igbos.

    In summary, Northerners are not your problems.
    You are your worst enemies.

    Oya, @Coolest01 @akatalady @nwanzabekee
    Come and beat me up. I am waiting :mad::mad::mad::mad: