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Fresh Taraba, Benue Attack Claims About 30 Lives

Discussion in 'Nigeria News, Politics' started by agvictor, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Report received following the recent violence in Taraba and Benue State revealed that several persons have be killed both in Nigeria’s North-central region.

    The attacks, which reportedly started in Taraba State on Wednesday, was said to have spread to Akaanya and Nenchi villages in Ukun Local Government Area of Benue State, leaving 10 persons dead.

    Speaking to the Chairman of Ukun LGA, Mr Tyokaa Iberlogo, who confirmed the attacks to to our team said details on the incidents were still sketchy.

    Jandeikyula, a Tiv village in Wukari Local Government Area in Taraba State was allegedly the first to come under attack yesterday (Wednesday) evening, resulting in the death of more than 20 persons, including a soldier.

    Agvictor.com gathers that some of the more villager are still missing, which means that casualties might have been recorded as no one knows their whereabout.

    In Benue State, gunmen suspected to be armed herdsmen carried out a fresh attack on Agbo community in Makurdi, the state capital on Thursday.

    The attacks came a few days after the withdrawal of troops on Cat Race Exercise deployed in the region to stop the attacks by herdsmen on the communities in the North-central.

    Prior to the withdrawal of the troops, President Muhammadu Buhari had visited Taraba and Benue states to condole with the families of those who lost their lives in the wake of the herdsmen-farmers crisis in the region.

    Addressing Benue leaders in Markudi on March 12, President appealed to them to convince their constituents that the Federal Government was doing its best to end the recurring attacks by armed herdsmen.

    While reacting to the incident, Governor Samuel Ortom, urged the President to upgrade Exercise Cat Race to a full military operation.

    He noted that the attacks by armed herdsmen predated the current administration, stressing that the recent attacks have displaced more than 170,000 people with children of school age constituting 60 per cent.
    Source: https://www.agvictor.com/2018/04/12/fresh-taraba-benue-attack-claims-about-30-lives/
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    Welcome to Naija Square Forum @agvictor We hope you find this forum a great place to share your views and site. Please make your link visible at the end of your posting so our members will have the opportunity to visit your great blog. Again, welcome :)
  3. akatalady

    akatalady Well-known Member

    Nigeria is really in bad shape. They were blaming Jonathan for everything, now APC leaders are quiet about all these killings going on. This is really depressing.
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  4. nwanzabekee

    nwanzabekee Well-known Member

    And the man who call himself our president is on another health mission in UK ba? What worries me is the lies they give about Bihari and his health. This man is no longer physically and mentally fit to lead Nigeria but say this and get called an enemy of Nigeria.
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  5. Eagleeyes

    Eagleeyes Member

    Nigeria has gone to the dogs. No security for our people.

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  6. nwanzabekee

    nwanzabekee Well-known Member

    The president is outside and his Vice President, a figurehead is out there traveling to secure places while ignoring troubled zones.

    What kind of nonsense is this?
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  7. Jide

    Jide Well-known Member

    This is really bad and that our government can't help displaced people is tragic.
  8. Coolest01

    Coolest01 Well-known Member

    They are doing what they know best... to blame
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    "Soldiers Led Fulani Herdsmen To Attack Us" - Benue People Accuse Army

    By Prince Tyodoo Livinus

    Residents of Gbeji, Tse Akaanya and Tse Hiityo where Fulani herdsmen invaded last week Wednesday and Thursday, killed more than 50 people and destroyed properties worth millions of naira have accused the Nigerian Army of colluding and leading the Fulani militias to attack their villages.

    Narrating their ordeal before the Commissioner for Industry, Trade and Investment, Prof. Tersoo Kpelai who took a team of journalists to the communities to asses the level of destruction and commiserate with the families, Mr. Sunday Kulegwa and Iortaver Idye (the most elderly person in Gbeji town) all pointed accusing fingers on the army noting that army personnel using official vehicles were not only spotted on the scene of the attacks with the invaders but also participated in the shooting and killing of innocent people.

    Similarly, in Tse Akaanya and Tse Hiityo all in Lumbuv council ward, Hon. Timothy Iorfa, Councilor representing Lumbuv ward, Austin Damsa and Terkaa Agera who witnessed the attack maintained that, men of the Nigerian Army in their personnel carriers and other army utility vehicles mounted with launchers and other sophisticated weapons were seeing shooting and killing people why the Fulani militias followed the troops burning houses and carting away with other valuables.

    Reacting, Commissioner for Industry, Trade and Investment, Prof. Tersoo Kpelai condoles the family of the deceased saying it is worrisome that innocent people are attacked and killed in their ancestral homes without any slightest provocation and promised to liaise with the appropriate authorities to investigate allegations of military involvement in the attacks.

    Prof. Kpelai also assured the communities that he will meet with the Executive Secretary, Benue State Emergency Management Agency to discus the way forward and see if Government will come to the aide of the displaced.
  10. Coolest01

    Coolest01 Well-known Member

    This is real serious... The military colluding with herdsmen, TY Danjuma was right.