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Dangerous Mindsets No Serious Nigerian Should Have In 2018

Discussion in 'Nigeria News, Politics' started by Admin, Feb 12, 2018.

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    The word “mindset” is a combination of the words “mind” and “set”. A layman yet effective definition of mindset from that combination would be “the way/manner the human mind is conditioned (set)”. While ownership of a mind is a privilege bestowed on all humans by Supreme Intelligence which ensures equality, the use of that mind has made segregated humanity and now determines who succeeds or fails.

    Henry Ford understood this when he said, “if you think you can do it or you think you can’t do it, you’re right.” It essentially means many people fail or succeed in life simply because of their mentality.

    The interesting thing about mindset is that they are not always consciously formed. Sometimes, our ways of reasoning and perspective on issues are not products of our critical thinking but what we simply picked up from others consciously or unconsciously. Such mindsets are referred to as adopted mindsets.

    As we Nigerians say it, “country hard.” It’s therefore pointless holding on to any mindset that doesn’t produce result. Here are the worst 5 mindsets most Nigerians have and need to drop.

    1. Somebody-owes-me-help mentality
    Many Nigerians grew up with the notion that somebody owes them assistance and it is that person’s responsibility to give it to them. So they tend to get complacent and wait for people to act their roles in the movie they scripted in their minds. This is why some Nigerians believe somebody owes them a job or sum of money as aid or training in school etc.

    The blunt truth is, nobody owes anybody anything. There’s no written law that binds anyone to providing assistance to anyone. Virtually all of us have been disappointed by people before and those who hold to this mentality will be disappointed over and over again. People must wake up to the reality that they are 100% responsible for how their lives turn out. The earlier we quit thinking people owe us things, the brighter our future would become.

    2. Some-people-are-not-wired-for-business mindset

    Many Nigerians have used this excuse to comfort themselves to sit at home even though they are unemployed or underemployed. They believe that luck is responsible for whether or not people succeed in business and as such will rather wait for a job to fall into their laps. Sadly, they end up waiting for years before a breakthrough comes.

    Contrary to that mindset, anyone can succeed in business if they give it a try. A wise man once said that he realized that the harder he worked, the luckier he became. So rather than constitute a member of the large unemployed and underemployed population in Nigeria, giving business a shot is a better alternative. There are several posts on this blog that share various online and offline opportunities through which you can earn a regular income.

    3. It-doesn’t-work-as-they-say-it-does mindset

    Nigerians have a knack of condemning something before they try it out. So when an opportunity pops up, the default reaction of the typical Nigerian is that this thing would not work. It’s as though there’s a wired internal reaction that dismisses an idea before even reasoning it out or trying it out.
    This mindset needs to be discarded because it makes people lose opportunities. Can you count how many shots you lost at an opportunity simply because you refuse to take one? Do you remember how you felt when you discovered after it was late that it was for real? What many people call gut feeling is merely disguised fear. Rather than trash an idea, you can try it out instead. Some opportunities that seem too good to be true are true nevertheless and are stepping stones to higher grounds.

    4. I-don’t-need-information-to-succeed mindset

    One of the reasons why Africa is backward is simply because we lack current information. Whatever knowledge seems trendy in Africa is likely outdated information in other parts of the world. We are all often too late at it.
    You cannot become relevant in today’s world if you do not keep yourself updated. And some of the most valuable information...

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