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An Encounter With Evuarherhe Ufuoma, A Man Whose Art Is All About Women

Discussion in 'Faith & Religion' started by Admin, Nov 10, 2016.

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    By Andy Akhigbe

    Today, I had two important appointments. One with the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, Lagos Chapter to discuss our flagship Computer Based Test in Mathematics for all secondary schools in Lagos State known as the 2016 Naija Mathematics Olympiad. The other with an Artist I met on Facebook and had proven so elusive. We had chatted and I had sought to have him tell his story on Storried. The Artist remained elusive despite all my reassurances that Storried was a serious-minded platform and that all our activities are backed by due legal procedures.

    Surprisingly, the Artist called me two days ago and asked me to come over to his place. I was shocked to hear a male voice at the other end of the phone. Why? All through our chat moments on Facebook, I had concluded that the Artist was a female. Every single painting of his is about women. That was a shock and I wanted to know more about him. He also confirmed to me that his first name, Ufuoma, is borne by both males and females.

    He lives in Lusada, in Ogun State. So, after my presentation with the owners of private schools in Lagos State I proceeded on that long journey to Ogun State. After about an hour, the artist himself called my name as the Okada I was riding upon sped past his house in the interiors of Lusada. I was led into his bungalow and as I entered I was convinced that I was in the presence of a man completely devoted to his craft. The house is modest with art works displayed on every wall. The Artist felt comfortable seeing me enraptured by the artworks as much as I have been admiring them on Facebook. I wanted to get down to business and deal with his works.

    "I thought you were a woman because I could see how taken in you are with the female subject."
    "Every of my artwork is about the female."
    "I am the only male in my family. I am surrounded by women and I grew up knowing so much about them. It's just normal that they form the basis of my work."

    Ufuoma called his wife and introduced her to me. In between answering him, I was enthralled by the artworks on display. I asked for his permission to take photographs of the artworks. He obliged me.

    He got me some water to drink and sat down beside me. I told him how I loved his works and how I wished he shed more light on how these great paintings are done. Particularly, what inspires each work. To my surprise, he told me what I longed to hear from every artist I admire.

    "Every of my artwork has a story behind it."

    Our minds met at this point and I felt that my mission was accomplished.

    I shared with him the sundry ideas that I had been struggling with and what drives me day and night. He also shared his own struggles - having bagged an HND in Yaba College of Technology and proceeding for another degree as a freshman in the University of Benin; how he struggled with spite and jealousy in an artists' commune in Abuja before relocating to Lagos and settling down in a suburb in Ogun State; how committed he is to his art and how he developed his art form for over 20 years.

    His three children - a boy and two girls - walked in from school and he introduces each one of them.

    Our discussion zoomed back to his art and he told me why he does the kind of work he does and how passionate he is to Art. Time was running out as I had to get back to Lagos in time. He walked me through windy and narrow paths and led me to the major road.

    I became wiser and happy that I spent some time with this great mind. My earnest desire is to have him share on this platform the stories behind each of his great works.


    Andy is the Chief Storyteller @ www.Storried.com
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    I have admired Mr Ufuoma's work for years and I am glad his work is getting more attention, curiosity and interest from folks all over the world. Both Mr Ufuoma and his beautiful paintings are great.
    Congratulations Evuarherhe Ufuoma.

    Check out some of his paintings here: www.africangiftstore.com
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