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Admission Success Tips For JAMB Candidates

Discussion in 'Guide, Tips & Tricks' started by Admin, Jan 17, 2018.

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    The new admission procedure in Nigeria has put some students in panic. Scoring a high mark in JAMB is the best way to have hope of admission. JAMB slashed the cut off marks to 120 but that didn't stop top universities like UI, UNILAG, OAU, UNILORIN and UNIBEN from sticking to their usual 200 cut-off mark. If you want to get into one of these top universities, then you are in for some smart work. Scoring 250+ in JAMB is no difficult task. All you need is the right subject combination and your passion. You can not have passion for engineering and decide to study medicine, you will eventually get lost. Here are things to take note of:

    1. Identify your passion: Like I said earlier, You can not have passion for engineering and decide to study medicine, you will eventually get lost. You have to identify the subjects you are passionate about. For example, if you are a science student and you are in love with chemistry, you should go for chemistry - related courses and draft them down. What courses would be in your mind? Pharmacy, pharmacology, lab science and technology, chemical engineering, medicine and surgery, nursing, dentistry etc. These are the top courses related to chemistry. When you draft them down, you can start identifying your passion for each course. Are you a fan of doctors?
    Would you love to be like Otedola and own a filling station? Or would you rather spend 5 years and be established on your own as a pharmacist? When you identify what you want, keep that in mind. Let your day rotate around it.

    2. Subject combination: Since you have combined your passion and sub-passion, you have to get the best subject combination for your course. Wrong subject combination is one of the major reasons why some intelligent students fail.to be admitted into universities. A pharmacy aspirant may think because mathematics was always important in their secondary school, they must do it in JAMB and prove themselves. Even if you get a 100% in mathematics and 90% in the three other subjects, you won't still gain admission because of your subject combination. The correct subject combination for pharmacy is English, chemistry and biology. It's only a handful of courses that you need mathematics in your JAMB.

    3. WORK SMART: Don't just work hard, also work smart. Smart work means utilising your opportunities in the easiest ways possible to bring out the best result. A student who is aspiring for pharmacy would write English, chemistry, biology and physics. Before the student applied for this, he/she must have had passion for at least one of these subjects...especially chemistry since it's like the bed-rock of pharmacy. Now if that student focuses more on chemistry with at least an average knowledge of other subjects, he should attain 250+ in his JAMB.

    You read well on chemistry since it's your favourite subject and you try your best to get at least 85%, physics 55%, English 65% and biology 52%...that's a total of 257 in your JAMB. That is pretty nice for any university but it also depends on your O'level result and post utme. You can achieve more than this if you read the English novels given during registration. At least 10 questions are set based on these novels, if you can manage to get 8 of them correctly and boost your total score to 75, you will see your JAMB score rising to 267. In any university in Nigeria, you already qualify for screening if you have this kind of result with a good O'level result and post utme score.

    4. Be confident: This is what you need the most if you are planning to implement all these techniques. Without confidence, you might see yourself picking the wrong answers in the exam hall. Then you submit your exam and start hitting your head like "why why why". Make sure you gather as much courage as you can before the day if the exam. Set a goal for yourself. While solving past questions, set the score you want to reach and make sure you achieve it before the exam. This will boost your confidence level above 100%. But don't be overconfident. Try to access all your works and correct your mistakes. Make sure you are fast but at the same time, careful. When you have calculations, skip them. Don't even try to solve any calculation until you are through with all your questions then you can return to your calculation and take as much time as you like. Even if you calculate three out of five, it can go a long way in your result. Confidence is key! You can also formulate a quote that boosts your confidence e.g all is well, It is I, I got this.

    Bonus: PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! All work and no prayer, makes JAMBITES register again. Make sure you pray for what you want and thank God for doing it before it is done.

    I wish you good luck!

    Source: solutionclass