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A Comprehensive Ranking Of Fertility Clinics In Nigeria - FertilityHubNigeria

Discussion in 'Guide, Tips & Tricks' started by Admin, Jan 25, 2018.

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    To have a child to call one’s own is one of the most powerful innate drives known to the human adult. Should there be fertility challenges standing in the way of this dream, the emotional, financial and physical strain that ensues in the course of surmounting them can be incredibly daunting.

    While the majority of couples will have no problem conceiving through natural reproductive means, the World Health Organization reports that one in five couples in the world have infertility.

    Thankfully, advances in reproductive health has led to the rise of assisted reproductive technology, and with this development, couples having fertility challenges still have a chance to carry that bundle of joy, and put back happiness into their marriage and lives.

    There are a number of clinics offering fertility services in Nigeria, and determining which of these to choose can itself be an uneasy task.

    Using a series of relevant variables, we have compiled a ranking of fertility clinics in Nigeria, with a view to assisting prospective parents make informed decision on their choice of fertility service provider.

    The variables used are:
    1. Range of Service
    2. Quality of Physicians
    3. Accessibility of Physicians
    4. Availability of Embryology Laboratory and Embryologists in the Clinic
    5. State-of-the-art Technology
    6. Advanced Genetic Screening
    7. Psychological Support during Treatment
    8. Psychological Support (Post-Treatment)
    9. Quality of Ancillary Staff
    10. Success Rate
    11. Affordability
    12. Pricing Transparency
    13. Quality Management/Certification
    14. International Affiliation
    15. Customer Service
    16. Number of Clinics
    17. Online Presence

    We also made visits to get a first impression account of some of the Nigerian fertility clinics.

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