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7 Tips On How To Reduce Bounce Rate On Website

Discussion in 'Guide, Tips & Tricks' started by Admin, May 26, 2018.

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    Bounce Rate is one of the factors Google uses to rank your website for Search engine. When the bounce rate of your blog is good, it speaks about the quality of your website. As a result, Google will always give special consideration to your website during Search Engine ranking. However, this article will enlighten you on how to reduce bounce rate on your blog.

    When you have a low bounce rate, your website will definitely rank high on Google search result page. Also, when the bounce rate is high, your google ranking will definitely drop. And a high bounce rate is an indication that ranking is the least of your problem.

    So, the tips we will be sharing here will help you reduce bounce rate on your blog and keep your visitors for a long time. Oh! Let me explain the meaning of bounce rate before i proceed

    What is a Bounce Rate?
    Bounce Rate is the number of visitors who view only one page on your website and leave. When your bounce rate is high, it is an indication that your homepage is boring and you need to fix it. It is the single page session divided by all page sessions of your website.

    Tips On How To Reduce Bounce Rate

    #1 Make Navigation easy on your blog

    This is one of the easiest ways to reduce bounce rate on your blog. Your homepage should be designed in a way that will enable visitors navigate to other websites.

    Ordinarily, your website should have two navigation bars – Above the header bars and side bar. Above the header bar provides links to all other pages on your website. This bar makes people to spend more time on your website as they will always want to navigate to other session.

    Also, the sidebar is located at the top right corner of most website. With this, you can easily find relevant posts on your blog’s archives.

    #2 Make Every Page Relevant

    This is another area people get it wrong. When you make all the pages of your blog relevant, the bounce rate will definitely reduce. So,ensure that every single page of your blog is useful, interesting and well laid out.

    Remember, your blog visitors can be in any of the pages at any time depending on what search result show them. Making every page relevant will reduce bounce rate on your blog.

    #3 Easy Design

    Avoid cluttered designs on your blog. When your website is simple, your visitors can easily find what they seek on it. Also, try and put navigation bar in every page of your website.

    #4 Write Engaging Contents

    Engaging contents will make visitors spend more time on your blog, thus reducing the bounce rate. Ensure that your contents are very unique and engaging. They should be write ups that will seduce your visitors to read further.

    In writing an engaging content, emphasis should be on your introduction. This is due to the fact that a good introduction sustains readership.

    #5 Embed Related Videos From YouTube

    After writing a quality article for your blog, try to embed videos related to the topic from YouTube. This will make your visitors to spend more time on that session as they will be watching the video after reading the content. If you are consistent about this, it will definitely reduce bounce rate on your blog.

    #6 Interlink Related Articles

    Interlinking related articles is another good way to reduce bounce rate on your blog. Ordinarily, the more time visitors spend on your website, the better the bounce rate. So, Interlinking related articles is one of the ways of keeping visitors on your website for a long time.

    When you interlink articles, people visiting your website can easily check other contents, thereby spending more time on your website. This will ostensibly reduce bounce rate on.

    #7 Regular Updates

    A good way to reduce bounce rate is to update your website regularly. So, try to post at least one article on your blog a day. With this, people who visit your blog by mistake can stay a little longer navigating through other articles.

    Generally, it is very easy to reduce the bounce rate on your blog. Its all about improving the users’ experience on your website. People tend to spend more time on your website when the user experience is awesome.

    Source: 24hoursreporter