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7 Things You Must Know Before Going To Cucumber Farming

Discussion in 'Business & Economy' started by Admin, Nov 18, 2018.

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    Farmer Adeola Yinka, shares her experiences on her facebook page for those who wish to go into cucumber farming, which finally had her great harvest after many low yields.

    Several people has been contacting me since I posted the yesterday cucumber bumper harvest from our farm. They want to plant cucumber.

    "What does it take to plant?
    " What effort is required?
    "How much will it cost?

    Behind every single success story is some multiple stories of failure.

    I have been planting cucumber since 4 years ago. I have planted several acres, small plots, demonstration plots etc. But I must confess yesterday harvest was just too extra ordinary.

    What did I do differently?

    I have kept on working and improving on the strategy to properly manage the cucumber

    I have experimented with several types of seed.

    The cucumber that did not germinate..

    The cucumber that germinates but died at flowering stage..

    The cucumber that survive the flowering but got diseased at fruiting or few days to harvest..

    The cucumber that powdery mildew destroyed.

    The cucumber that withered when rain stopped and I was praying for rainfall (Nigeria mentality)

    The cucumber that sell at good price, the cucumber that sell at give away price and the cucumber that we throw away when there is no market

    But then, in all of this, the most important is finding a way around all the challenges...

    1. Using drip irrigation tapes instead of disturbing God with stupid prayer for rainfall.

    2. Using plastic mulch instead of allowing weed compete with the crop thereby reducing the size

    3. Using manure that can feed the plant properly with nutrients to fight against disease

    4. Using quality seeds that can resist powdery mildew and all their likes

    and so many other necessary things that is required to give a good yield.

    5. Most important is persistence and the zeal to succeed against all odds. Farming is hard-work, It requires dedication and sacrifice.

    6. Meanwhile an average Farmer believe he can just start a farm from the disjointed information he garnered from the internet, It requires acquiring knowledge.

    7. An average Farmer want to start the farm because he has enough fund but with no technical know how Farming like every other professional require knowledge. Sure I have been telling people that care to listen that we will change the face of farming in Nigeria.

    I see a future where farming is simplified and made easy for more people to participate.

    Famer Yinka Adeola is a female farmer in Saki, Ogun State.