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6 Things That Sum Up What Guys Really Need In A Relationship But Never Ask For

Discussion in 'Guide, Tips & Tricks' started by Admin, Aug 20, 2018.

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    Guys need things out of relationship that they won't tell you;but silently crave for.There are guys who talk about their feeling and what they want from you but some don't.Nowadays,it's not easy to make a relationship last long,and it's more difficult to find out what guys need in a relationship it automatically becomes easy for you to love him and your relation grow.

    1. Love them for who they really are: Every guy grooms himself to impress his girl even though they don't admit it.He will try to change himself and the things that she doesn't like in him but at the same time,he wants his girl to love him for who he really is and not only when he has changed for her.

    2.Comfort him in his bad times;
    Having the support of someone during tough times is something that brings people very close.Guys may try to not show weakness but inside they want his girl to be his strenght and be dependent on during bad times.

    3:They want pampering too;

    Although guys try to put on a macho image and love to pamper their girl,it's not like they don't love to be pampered themselves;sometimes you should pamper them too.And they'll love even more!.

    4:Real intimacy

    They want an actual connection with you and not a just fling;A real connection is much sexier than being with someone or the heck of it.

    5:Mutual Respect

    There's no way a relationship's going to last if you don't have a mutual respect for each other without any ego problem.

    6:A little Craziness

    If she doesn't make you laugh,then she's probably meant for someone else.It's not harsh,it's just true.

    Source- skyworld.com.ng