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5 Reasons People Delete Chats On Their Device

Discussion in 'Phones, Tech & Web' started by Admin, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Deleting social media chats from ones device is now something many people do for different personal reasons other than cheating.

    Like we all know that it is not advisable to keep our mobile gadget away from our partner and even if we secure it with password our partner deserves to know how to unlock it.

    This makes it easier for our partner to access our device not just in our presence but behind us.

    This post will contain some of those reasons many people delete chat history:

    1. Because of cheating:
    This is the commonest reason for deleting or clearing chat history on one's device.

    This is done most times when one's partner is becoming suspicious and of course, it is from the mobile device hidden secrets can be unraveled, hence, the mobile gadget will be under severe attack behind the owner.

    Some don't wait till suspicion start setting in, they delete immediately any message that goes against their relationship enters.

    2. For privacy:
    There are some people that when you give them your mobile device to hold for you for few seconds they start toiling your device like you own it together.

    They began to open everything not minding the fact that information it are for just you.

    Many people don't like setting passwords for screen lock which makes their gadget accessible for anyone, but respect is deserved from whoever you deem fit to trust with such device which must times they fail.

    3. They don't want their spouse to start thinking differently:
    Like i mentioned earlier that it is not just when we cheat we delete chat history as sometimes chats are cleared so that our partner will not start growing negative feelings as regards the trust.

    At times some discussions with some particular set of people especially opposite sex are almost like flirting, or because we chat too regularly, hence it might give wrong impression to ones partner, clearing them off ones in a while is advisable to avert unnecessary doubt.

    4. Because some chats are not meant to be seen by our partner:
    Remember some discussions are not meant to be seen by our partner, not because it is against the trust but because it must not be seen at all by them.

    Remember those women or men talk, the family talk or those ones someone so close to you sent to you against your partner which you know can cause serious issues.

    There also cases when you want to give your partner a surprise gift which is sealed through chat, the essence o that surprise has been defeated once such partner sees such message secretly.

    Getting such chats off is even advisable as its emotional effect is dangerous especially when you have a partner who is not calm.

    5. What they have read/heard:
    For some people they have read and heard about the effect of some chats with close friends and all that have been mentioned earlier and whenever such things they have read or heard about occur in their chat they do no think of any other thing than getting rid of it before what they have read or head will come to reality.

    This is my opinion, kindly add your contributions as it is important to me.

    Source: http://www.bamisepeter.com/2017/08/5-different-reasons-people-delete-chats.html
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