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4 Most Asked Blogging Questions + Answers

Discussion in 'Phones, Tech & Web' started by Godchild, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Godchild

    Godchild Well-known Member

    There are lots of questions bloggers most especially newbie asks when it comes to blogging but i have made deep and extensive research in which i found out the 4 MAJOR AND MOST ASKED QUESTIONS.
    below are the questions and their answers.

    #1 Blogging Platform - You hear stuff like 'Don't use blogger, its not good! Wordpress is the best! And another time, someone else go say 'Wordpress will give you headaches, use blogger!' | This made people to ask that which blogging platform is the best?
    Although Blogger and Wordpress are not the only blogging platform, but they are the major two big fishes. My answer as to which one you should use is; It depends on yourself.
    - Ready to pay for host money, Have time to secure your Blog, Can you battle site attacks? Do you have a PC and most of the time connected, then Use Wordpress!
    - Unsure of financial status, wants your site to be well-secured even if you are sleeping and on long vacation? Do not have access to PC always, use Blogger!

    (Note - Those are just few and not all reasons to choose a platform, it all boils down to your choice.)

    #2 Driving Traffic - Even someone that has a million pageviews still want more traffic! The No #2 question is often asked by those who wants to increase their blog's traffic. Although there are lots of ways in which you can increase your blog's traffic (i published 5 ways on my blog), but i will streamline 3 ways for you .
    They are; Social Network Sharing, Guest Post, and Blog Commenting.

    #3 Search engine optimization - SEO starts with your blog's template and thats why i ensure the template i design for clients is seo-optimized. After your template, then your blog's meta description and title. Then it goes on to your Post title and Post Body.
    That of Post body includes first paragraph, image alt, and headings. I hope to write a very detailed ebook on seo for beginner in the future.

    #4 Blog's Monetization - I sometimes shake my head for those who think Adsense is the only way they can make money via their blog. I blog for more than 3years without using adsense on my blog, yet i earns money. Blog's Monetization includes Offering services, Affliate marketing, consultation, advertising, and e.t.c
    I'll write more about No #4 very soon my my tech blog. You can subscribe via mail so as to know when its out.

    Full source - http://www.netsocialblog.com/2016/08/4-unique-blogging-frequently-asked.html